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What We Are About

Touch The Sky is a diverse 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves children ages 10-13 from low income households which was founded in 2021 by Christine L. Wilson. TTS allows children to travel to other states and internationally. Children will experience the necessary steps aligned with traveling abroad.

  • Applying for passports

  • Learning about vaccines/testing needed for travel


TTS will meet with chosen participants and parents twice a month until trip departure so that children can bond and build a healthy relationship with one another and chaperones. 

Meetings will consist of

  • Completing and submitting passport application

  • Community service

  • Destination information discussions

  • Fundraising/letter writing campaign


Touch The Sky Will Cover And Provide

  • Airfare, lodging accommodation, tours and meals

  • Passport and photo fees

  • 1 travel bag and 1 toiletry bag

  • 1 TTS t-shirt 1 TTS polo shirt

Youth Connection

  •  Children will pair with children abroad and experience monitored communication via WhatsApp and email.

  • Donate needed supplies and spend a day at school with their partner abroad.


 Changing lives through seeing the world


Christine L. Wilson

Founder and CEO

"My first trip abroad sparked a flame in me that has become a full fire." I was born and raised in Rochester, New York and I'm proud to be the namesake of my beloved grandmother, who I know is in heaven smiling down on me and guiding me through life's journey.  As a child, I often traveled to Georgia and Michigan with my family, which was the beginning of my love for venturing out to different cities and states. 

Christine L_edited.jpg

As a teenager, I left home to attend Job Corp in Albany, New York and as I grew into adulthood, I often traveled to New York City and surrounding cities to explore and enjoy shopping trips. 

I first experienced traveling abroad to Jamaica when I was 19-years-old and now at 50 years old I still remember every detail from my first time traveling out of the U.S. At the time, I didn't realize that my first experience traveling abroad would be the inspiration for "Touch the Sky, Inc." 

I vividly recall everything about the trip, from purchasing the ticket to the moment I returned home.  I realized years later what my beloved grandma meant when she said, "You might feel better giving than holding your hand out to get.'"

My first trip abroad taught me so much more about compassion and empathy than I had ever experienced.  I saw beautiful people who looked like me, but spoke differently, dressed differently and greeted me differently. 

I noticed the difference in the value of money, I ate different foods, I noticed differences in public transportation, education, housing, celebrations and even final celebrations of life. I had learned about a different culture! I knew that I wanted to continue traveling the world to see and experience different cultures, and to explore the beauty of diversity and share it with others, especially youth who may not have the resources to explore the world. 

I believe that children are the future generation of leaders and if given the opportunity to learn about other cultures at a young age, they will have a positive impact on humanity while understanding that they aren't limited by their country, state, city, community, or homes.

They can travel abroad and "Touch the Sky!"

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